Children of John Witzell and Marguerite Aylward

1.  Frederic William Witzell

Birth Record


Marriage Record to Esther LeBreton-Pokemouche April 18, 1887


Death Record

Burial Record-Pokemouche May 1, 1919


2.   George Witzell

Birth Record-Shippegan Baptized on October 20? 1850

First Page-first entry-just barely make out-of the marriage of John Witzell and Marguerite Aylward.

4th line starts with Aylward.


Marriage Record-George Witzell & Mary E. Walsh

Newcastle-July 20, 1875-Frederic, his brother was present.

First Page-first entry


Death Record

3.  James Witzell

Birth Record-Shippegan-doesn’t look like the name James looks like Jacques? Month 23, 1853

First Page-last entry-2nd line bearly make out Marguerite Aylward-1st line John Witzell.


Marriage Record

Death Record

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