Children of William Witzell and Miss Topham

1.  Frederic Guillaume Witzell

Caraquet chuch record-St. Pierre-Aux-Liens-2nd page, first record

Born or Baptisized:October 18, 1811, of the marriage of Guillaume Witzell and says Catherine Topon.


Frederic Guillaume Witzell  died June 14, 1832

Shippegan Church Record-St. Jerome, 2nd page-last record, on fourth row, one can make out Juin for June,  records parents as Guillaume Witzell and Mati? Taphan.



2.  Anne Witzell

Born July 8, 1813-Caraquet Church Record-2nd page 3rd record.

Says-Anne was daughter to Guillaume Witzell who was a merchant of Grand Chipagan, married to Catherine Tophen.


Anna Witzell and Peter Harding marriage

3.   James Witzell

Baptized Record???

Marriage record

Church Death Record

Death Record

 4.   Marthe Witzell


Marriage Record

2nd Marriage

Death Record

5.    Marie Witzell


Birth Record


6.    Elizabeth Witzell

Birth Record

Marriage record

7.     George Witzell

8.     John Doran Witzell

John’s will

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